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How is Coronavirus affecting Hawaii?

As of Thursday, March 19, 2020 the state of Hawaii has advised. Gov. Ige is directing the following:

  • Limit social gatherings to groups of 10 people or less to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines
  • Close bars and clubs
  • Close restaurants or provide drive-thru, take out, pick-up, or delivery
  • Close theatres, entertainment centers and visitor attractions.
  • Avoid any discretionary travel
  • Suspend services and activities in places of worship
  • Stay home if you are a high-risk individual and take additional precautionary measures.

To read more detail please click on the following link https://governor.hawaii.gov/newsroom/latest-news/proper-use-of-covid-19-tests-imperative-there-is-a-current-shortage-of-hand-sanitizers-and-toilet-paper-in-hawaii-in-part-because-of-the-publics-over-reaction-to-covid-19-the-hawai/
For more information please click on this link https://hawaiicovid19.com/ to read more about how the COVID-19 can impact you and your business.

Employees: What do I do if I’ve been laid off?

The Governor of Hawaii has waived the mandatory one week waiting period for benefits, if you are affected please visit the following website to apply for unemployment benefits: https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov/#/. If you need assistance in setting up an online account please feel free to contact our office (808) 593-0076 or email [email protected] and one of our team members can assist you with navigating the State of Hawaii Department of Labor Website ( https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov/#/).

Employers: What do I do if I am required to temporarily close down?

If you are an employer to “non-essential” workers and are not sure how to coordinate the temporary unemployment benefits for your employees...we can help. Please visit the State of Hawaii online employer website at https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov/#/. If you need further assistance with navigating through the new State of Hawaii Department of Labor website ( https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov/#/) please contact our office (808) 593-0076 or email [email protected] and one of our team members can assist you.

Employers: Federal Relief due to Coronavirus

On March 18, 2020 President Trump put the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (Act) into play for small to medium size businesses with 50 employees or less. In a snapshot, this Act will allow employers to receive a 100% reimbursement through various tax credits to the employer taxes filed on form 941. Employers can participate in the Paid Sick leave or Child care leave credit . To participating employers, the credit received from the Act increases the company’s gross by the amount equal to the relief credit to avoid “double dipping” and excluding the credit from being eligible for expense.

Paid Sick leave Credit: Employers can apply this credit if they have an employee who is unable to work because of Coronavirus quarantine and or presenting symptoms. For a total of 10-days, employers are able to be reimbursed for employee’s regular paid sick leave up to $511/day and $5110 total. For employees who need to care for their children because of Coronavirus, employers are eligible to claim ⅔ of the employee’s regular wage up to $200/ day and total of $2,000.

Child Care leave Credit: In addition to the Paid Sick leave Credit, employers may be able to be reimbursed for ⅔ of the employee’s regular wage up to $200/ day and total of $10,000. A maximum of 10 weeks can be applied towards the Child Care leave Credit.

For more information, please click on this link to read the original article by the IRS. irs.gov/newsroom/treasury-irs-and-labor-announce-plan-to-implement-coronaviru s-related-paid-leave-for-workers-and-tax-credits-for-small-and-midsize-businesse s-to-swiftly-recover-the-cost-of-providing-coronavirus

Need administrative assistance?

Employers: If you are in need of administrative assistance during this pandemic we will be glad to help assist in the coordination Federal and State of Hawaii reliefs.

Department of Labor form UC-B6 filing requirements

Effective Jan 1, 2020 Hawaii employers are mandated to use the new website, https://huiclaims.hawaii.gov/#/. For additional reading please visit the following link to read the original release by state. http://labor.hawaii.gov/ui/main/new-employer-website/.