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CyberPay Online Phoenix, is our robust cloud-based application which provides all the tools necessary for employers to interface with the payroll service provider and streamline payroll processing. CPO Phoenix uses a single database for Payroll, HR, and ACA Compliance. CPO Phoenix is also integrated with employee self-service, timekeeping solutions, paperless benefits management, employee onboarding, applicant tracking, and a comprehensive HR support center.

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Specialized Payroll Reports

Cyberpay offers ultimate convenience at your fingertips. This is an excellent archiving tool so you can quickly and easily access employee information at any time. Overall benefits of Cyberpay include:

  • A complete history of all payroll received for the last year (quarter or month).

  • Replaces paper reports and eliminate extensive paper storage.

  • Backup copy in case hardcopy reports are unavailable.

  • Reprint W-2s, live checks, vouchers or reports right away and in your office.

  • Annual from-to check history is available for any period, for any employee.

  • Export information from the payroll system to an excel file.

  • Send a copy to your accountant or auditor at year end.

Worker’s Compensation

Track your Worker’s Compensation through our payroll system. Certified payroll reports are produced at the same time your payroll is processed, therefore saving you valuable time and allowing you to submit reports timely to respective agencies. Below is a list of construction reports the system produces that save you time and money!

  • Workers Compensation

  • Certified Reports

  • Job/Labor Costing

  • Taxable Fringe Earnings

  • Division/Department Distribution

Remote Check Printing

Save time and delivery cost by using Remote Check Printing. The payroll system allows employers to print payroll checks at their desks. After payroll is processed, employers receive a secure file with the ready to print payroll check information.

Ease Of Use

Forget to pay an employee? Need to cut a manual check? No problem! You can process manual checks through the payroll system! The system allows you to print the check as well as save the check details for processing during your next payroll.

Service Industry

Manage your employee’s tips with ease. Our payroll allows restaurant owners to calculate taxes on reported tips or allocate tips accordingly. Even track hours worked at multiple locations.

401k Plans

401k Plans often require a report to submit with payment or a (.csv) (.txt) file for submission of payroll deductions. The payroll system allows these reports to be created during processing. After processing the payroll, employers can create 401k reports in the online payroll system for submission to the third-party administrators.

Section 125 Plans

Track your Section 125 Plans and other pre-taxed fringe benefits by using the online and standard reports. The payroll system allows for multiple codes that you may use throughout the year that taxes your employees per the Internal Revenue Service publication 17. The convenience of setting up the payroll deductions help to relieve employee and employers of unnecessary tax burdens at the end of the year.

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